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Transform Your Sleep, Transform Your Life with XPulser

Introducing XPulser, the scientifically proven solution to revolutionize your sleep quality. Bid farewell to the struggles of restless nights and groggy mornings, and welcome a new era of restful sleep. OUTCOMEMD shows global improvement an impressive average of 63% and improvement of the severity of insomnia by average of 71%, XPulser stands out not just as another sleep aid, but as a game-changer for those seeking effective solutions. If you’re ready to experience what it feels like to wake up truly refreshed, XPulser is your answer. Join the many who have transformed their sleep and embraced the benefits of deep, restorative rest. Are you prepared to make that change with XPulser?

Sleep Deep Webinar with Dr. Wells



Included With Your Purchase Today

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Xpulser DEEP Sleep Tuner with AME

Designed and manufactured in the USA, The Xpulser DEEP Sleep Tuner with AME combines a unique DEEP sleep enhancing 3 Hz magnetic field (PEMF) signal and a matching clicking sound in a portable 9V USB rechargeable battery-operated device which can run continuously (throughout the night) off the battery or USB Cable. Coils can be inserted in the accompanying 2-pocket pouch to be placed inside the pillow cover.

Supercharge Your Health with PEMF Therapy Course

Do you struggle with insomnia? Do you wake up in the middle of the night most nights of the week? Sleep problems are SO common, but most of us just take sleep aids or accept defeat. Get your copy of Dr. William Pawluk’s guide, Sleep Problems and the PEMF Solution to learn about the simple, at-home tool that heals sleep problems at the source.
How PEMFs, like the Xpulser, can help you get deeper sleep.

Sleep Problems: The PEMF Solution eBook

This course includes information on: The History of Magnetic Field Therapy, PEMFs vs EMFs, Benefits of PEMFs, Application Guidelines, Combining PEMFs with Other Therapies, Types of PEMF Systems, Home vs Professional Treatment, Protocols for 80 Health Conditions, Dealing with Poor Results, “Low and Slow” Protocols, The “Magnetic Sandwich” Concept and Addressing Inflammation.

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