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XPulser DEEP Sleep Tuner FAQ

The Sleep Tuner works by stimulating the frequency functions of the brain through a process called entrainment. The 3 Hz signal causes the brain to follow this frequency. It begins to oscillate in tune with that frequency allowing the brain to slip into deeper levels of sleep. Moreover, read on through the  FAQ page to learn more about frequencies

The Sleep Tuner only has one frequency, 3 Hz. This is one of the deepest frequencies in the brain goes into during sleep.

The intensities of the Sleep Tuner are L [low], M [medium], H [high], X (extra high). The maximum intensity with the 2 coils stacked on the X setting is ~200 Gauss.

The intensities can be gradually increased to the highest tolerated. Sometimes lower intensities have to be started with depending on tolerance. The goal is to have the strongest entrainment of the brain for the best deep sleep. People can be different for what is most acceptable and most effective. It is expected that most people will tolerate and use the X level for the best results.

The pouch provided allows for two coils. Two coils allow for a wider area of treatment. Using one coil produces the highest intensity, about 200 Gauss. Using two coils distributes the magnetic field across the two coils at about 100 Gauss each. While the area of exposure is wider using two coils, it is also weaker. The two coils sacrifice the highest intensity. Some people may find that two coils work better, and others may need to have the intensity of one coil. There is no right or wrong, being a matter of personal preference and usefulness.

Placing the coils as close to the head as possible is likely to produce the best entrainment results. The drawback with this placement is the normal sound of the coils clicking. The clicking sound is helpful for stronger audio magnetic entrainment (AME). The clicking sound plus the magnetic field combine to produce the strongest entrainment effects on the brain. So, the closer the placement of the coils to the brain stronger the entrainment effect. This positioning balances the loudness of the sound produced and the intensity of the magnetic field. If the placement on the top of the pillow under the pillow cover is not tolerable, placement under the pillow, inside the pillow cover may still produce adequate results. In the worst case, may need to be under a second bottom pillow. This will move the coils farther from the brain reducing the entrainment effect.

This is not recommended because the intensity of the magnetic field will have decreased at the head on a pillow to a point of having little to no benefit. This is because magnetic fields drop off in intensity very rapidly from the surface of the applicator over distance. For example, a 200 Gauss magnetic field will decrease to only 15 Gauss within about 1 inch (~3 cm). Even if the mattress is only 4 inches thick, the magnetic field will be infinitesimal by the time it reaches the head of the person.

It is recommended to use the Sleep Tuner all night long to better ensure deeper sleep. Ultimately, it is the individual’s choice, having considered all the benefits and lack of effect if not used all night. But, if it is not used from the beginning of a night’s sleep, it may be started anytime and provide at least some benefit for whatever time it is used.

The Sleep Tuner is a PEMF device and can have all the health benefits of any other PEMF device at this level of intensity and local application. Even 3 Hz can have significant health benefits, aside from the brain tuning entrainment effect of 3 Hz. More information can be found about the health benefits of PEMFs in the book “Supercharge Your Health with PEMF Therapy” by William Pawluk, MD.

Any of these options will work. The unit is provided standard with a 9 V USB battery and a compatible charger cable and adapter.

Simply attach the provided USB adapter and cable to a power outlet at one end and the other end into the 9 V battery. Then, place the 9 V battery into the 9 V battery compartment in the Sleep Tuner unit. This will allow the Sleep Tuner to run as long as desired.

Any other sleep aids, whether by prescription or herbs/supplements, can be used at the same time as the Sleep Tuner. There may be an enhancement of the effects of these other aids when combined with the Sleep Tuner. Especially with prescription medications, they may be such a significant enhancement effect that side effects which weren’t present before may now appear. In this case it may be necessary to cut back on the Sleep Tuner time of use or intensity to reduce any side effects or, in conjunction with the prescribing doctor, reduce the dose of the medication.

Stacking of sleep aids is often necessary to achieve the best results for sleep. Stacking is a stepwise process to find the best combination of aids to help with sleep if the Sleep Tuner does not work well enough by itself. If sleep aids are already being used, is recommended to add the Sleep Tuner to the regimen. If the results of adding the Sleep Tuner are successful, a trial off one or more of the sleep aids may be discontinued or reduced, to see what the minimum “stack” is needed. This process will be trial and error. 

One element of every stack should be sleep hygiene strategies, which should never be eliminated. Examples of elements of a sleep stack could include the Valerian, chamomile, 5-HTP, melatonin, CBD, etc. and/or binaural beat Delta sound, hematite magnetic necklace, vagal nerve stimulation, etc. Sometimes, the effectiveness of the Sleep Tuner may be enhanced when other sleep aids are taken between half an hour to 2 hours before bedtime, so that adequate blood and tissue levels may be achieved to be able to work effectively and synergistically with the Sleep Tuner.

Sleep hygiene strategies should always be part of any sleep enhancement program. Lack of attention to adequate sleep hygiene strategies may reduce the effectiveness of using the Sleep Tuner.

Medical technologies, whether implanted or not, need to be used with caution around PEMFs. If a medical technology, such as a pacemaker, is designated as MR conditional, there is likely to be almost no risk with the PEMF device of the level of intensity of the Sleep Tuner. It may be best to consult with the prescribing doctor to assess risk and the question of discontinuing use. Customer service for the Xpulser may be contacted for any additional information.

Since there are 2 coils with the Sleep Tuner system, one coil could be shared with another sleep partner. Remember that, when the coils are separated, the magnetic field intensity decreases significantly and may be less effective. If that still works for adequate sleep tuning, great.

The more “winding down” is needed before going to bed, the more time it will take the Sleep Tuner to work once in bed. To decrease possible tossing and turning until the Sleep Tuner’s entrainment takes effect, the “winding down” may be handled by applying the Sleep Tuner to the brain for half an hour to an hour before getting into the bed. From a sleep hygiene and sleep habits perspective, it is better to reserve bedtime for sleep rather than “winding down.”

The Delta 3 Hz signal in the Sleep Tuner can wind down an active brain at any time. It may even be used for episodes of restlessness, irritability or anxiety any time these are experienced. Just be mindful of the risk of oversedation during the day.

Since the Sleep Tuner may be able to tune the brain down significantly, there may be some time after use is stopped for the brain to recover itself to the level of alertness/awareness/consciousness that would be normal for that time of day. So, any grogginess or hangover type effect, while usually mild, will usually reverse quickly. There is more likely to be a greater likelihood of a grogginess or hangover type effect when other sleep aids are stacked, and especially with medication with a long action time. If this happens and becomes problematic, reducing medication or are the number of elements in the sleep stack may be necessary. Consult with your prescribing clinician when considering reducing medication.

It is strongly recommended not to use the Sleep Tuner within a short time before or during driving or using potentially hazardous machinery.

Care may need to be taken with any tasks needing to be performed during the night while using the Sleep Tuner. There is a somewhat increased risk of falls, tripping or banging into furniture when getting up while using the Sleep Tuner. While this risk exists in any event while sleeping, it may be enhanced with the brain tuner because of the deeper state of sleep induced by the Sleep Tuner. Most the time, the Sleep Tuner will not inhibit normal sensations to alert one to take a bathroom break or to hear crying baby. Milder sensations may not be sensed as readily. It may take more significant sensations of which to become aware and act. Levels of sensory awareness will become appreciated with use over time.

The use of alcohol within 3 to 4 hours of bedtime may have a stronger effect than the potential benefit of the Sleep Tuner. Certainly, stimulants such as coffee, vasoconstrictors, decongestants, amphetamines or substances of abuse, they have stronger effects than the benefits from the Sleep Tuner can be produced. Even increased intensity and time of use of the Sleep Tuner may not undo the effects of these substances.

Altogether, the Sleep Tuner should not cause problems for other therapies or conflict with other therapies. These include acupuncture, red light therapy, far infrared, ozone, oxygen, laser, HBOT, etc. If anything, the Sleep Tuner is likely to be synergistic with other therapies. Since the Sleep Tuner is mostly being used at night there will not be any conflict with concurrent use.

For any other questions, please contact customer service at info@xpulser.com.


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