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Experience the Power of Restorative Sleep with the XPulser Deep Sleep AME Tuner

Sleep Faster, Deeper, and Longer – Every Night

It's time you had an ally in your battle against sleep problems.

The transformative power of the XPulser Deep Sleep AME (Audio Magnetic Entrainment) Tuner, is the result of the scientifically proven approach of audio-magnetic entrainment. The XPulser deep sleep device leads you into a state of deep, restful sleep – helping you fall asleep faster, stay asleep longer and wake up feeling more well rested. Watch the above video to learn more!

But just in case... how does it work?

The XPulser Deep Sleep AME Tuner uses a technique that is quickly gaining popularity known as Audio Magnetic Entrainment (AME). DEEP stands for Delta Enhanced Entrainment Program. Entrainment is a process of “coaxing” the brain to follow along, like musicians use a metronome to set the pace of music. Delta sleep is the deepest, most restorative sleep of the night.  We often don’t get enough of it or don’t have it be deep enough. By combining sound and magnetic pulses, the Audio Magnetic Entrainment more effectively, not only leads your brain gently into the delta range – the optimal frequency for deep sleep, but also has the brain to have it last longer.

The result … with the XPulser, tossing and turning will be a thing of the past!  Research has found people using the Tuner to have as much as a 77% improvement in their sleep severity scores.

So answer this for me - What other benefits should I expect?

Steps: 1) Fall Asleep Faster, 2) Sleep Deeper, 3) Sleep Through the Night, 4) Sleep Longer, 5) Easy to Use and Safe, 6) Enhanced Supplement Effectiveness (Photo 1)

1) Lead your brain to delta frequency – facilitating quicker transitions from awake to asleep. You can stop counting sheep!

2) By encouraging delta frequencies, the XPulser promotes a deep, more restorative sleep leading to a refreshing wake up

3) Leaving the XPulser running over night aids your brain in staying in the optimal sleeping pattern – leading to a decreased likelihood  of waking up throughout the night

4) With a deeper and uninterrupted sleep, a longer sleep duration naturally follows. Wake up naturally and without alarms.

5) The XPulser is designed with safety in mind and ease of use. Simply turn on the XPulser, place it in your pillowcase, and let the soft clicking noise do the rest! 

6) XPulser pairs harmoniously with sleep supplements like melatonin and CBD – boosting effectiveness and absorption to even further enhance your sleep.

How does the Xpulser compare to other sleep tools?

Most other commercially available sleep enhancing devices present confusing information to the brain. This is because of all the frequencies they use. They are not strong enough to safely override natural sensations experienced during the night. These could include joint pains or bladder urges, or they do not run long enough during the night.  Other sleep aids such as supplements and herbs also may not last long enough or be strong enough.

Are you ready for your best sleep?

This is your chance to take back control of your sleep. With assistance of the XPulser Deep Sleep AME Tuner, you can experience all the benefits of the good, quality sleep you thought was a thing of the past. Sleep longer, deeper and fall asleep faster. If that wasn’t enough – Wake up feeling rejuvenated and ready to tackle your day as a better, healthy and more vibrant YOU!

Because we are confident that you can “rest” assured that the XPulser will work for you, we offer a “no questions asked” 30 day return policy.

It is your time to experience the power of restorative sleep with the XPulser Deep Sleep AME Tuner.

For additional information, visit our FAQ section, contact us directly or visit the XPulser website


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